Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cupcake and a quick update!

Ok guys, right now I'm worried. I don't have time for everything.

I'm studying for a test in October, and this is getting almost every free time I had. So I won't be able to post everyday as you notice. Probably 3~4 post a week.

Sorry for this and thanks in the same time for the almost 100 followers who helped me grow this blog.

Now I want to share with you a little thing I've being eating for the past weeks. It's the famous and delicious CupCake in three minutes!

Alright! This thing is absolutely amazing and easy to do!

All you gonna need is:

- 1 Egg.
- 4 Spoons (soup) of milk.
- 3 Spoons (soup) of oil.
- 2 Spoons (soup) of cocoa powder.
- 4 Spoons (soup) of sugar.
- 4 Spoons (soup) of wheat flour.
- 1 Spoon (coffee) of baking powder.

Put everything in a mug and mix. Then put in a microwave for 3 minutes. It's gonna be something like the picture. Delicious!
You can make a chocolate sauce, but it's on your choice!

Also, last week someone commented about Megan Fox, and Megan Fox thumbs....
That's intrigued me and I search how her thumbs looks and UGH!

Megan, forgive me, but never ask me to marry you! A night stand it's ok tho.

See ya folks!


  1. there you go! 100 followers. come and visit me at sometime!

  2. That cupcake made me drool hahaha and megan fox thumb is nasty, but believe me i couldnt care less about her thumb hahaha

  3. All right, the thrill is gone. I must try these cupcakes, they look so delicious. 3 minutes in a microwave? Worth it :D

  4. Yum! I always put extra butter in my cupcakes. They are the greatest!!

  5. My husband won't let me buy brownie mix anymore, unless I make the whole batch. I made too many microwave servings for myself.

    Oh and yes, Megan Fox's thumbs are most certainly ugly. Wow!

  6. The cupcake sounds delicious, do your best on the exam!

  7. God!!
    Looks very delicious! I want one right now. :3

  8. Looks delicious I'm going to try that sometime :)

  9. I certainly wouldn't be paying attention to her thumb ha. That cupcake looks delicious by the way, gonna have to try one.

  10. Good luck on your test! And saying that megan fox's thumbs are ugly is like saying her knees are too pointy... anyone who's that picky won't be getting any girl let alone ms. fox.

  11. She's not pretty in general, so a thumb won't really ruin it for her.

  12. I like how people think she's fugly now just because she has a weird nail. I don't care if that bitch has a nub, I will still lick her

  13. Good luck with the studying!